We work hard to minimize the impact on daily life that a home remodeling project has on you and your family. We keep the jobsite as clean as possible and respect that you’re letting us into your home. Here are a few tips to help keep the disruption manageable.

Prepare yourself mentally.  Many unfamiliar people will be working in your home, often while you are away during business hours. There will be disruptions to your daily routine, including the potential lack of appliances, bathroom facilities, running water or even electricity at times.

Construction is dirty work. There will be dust throughout your home.  Your house is going to vibrate during various stages of the project. Take the time to put away belongings in advance of job start up, especially fragile and valuable items (including sentimental items), wall hangings that can be knocked down and damaged, plants, area rugs, etc.

Provide proper site access for material delivery and storage and vehicle parking.

Make arrangements for your pet(s) safe keeping for the duration of the project. Some products used in the process can be harmful to animals so they need to be secured appropriately.

Prepare yourself for the unexpected.  During construction we may encounter problems that couldn’t be foreseen before work has started:

  •    Existing structure not plumb and level.
  •    Substandard existing framing.
  •    Concealed electrical and plumbing.
  •    Doesn’t meet current code requirements.
  •    Rot or pest infestation.
  •    The presence of hazardous materials.

How to carry on life during the construction process? Keep your sense of humor.

Some stages of your project may require you to relocate to temporary living quarters for short periods of time.

Some larger projects may require that you vacate your home for the duration of the project.

Be prepared to set up a temporary cooking facility in your garage or other location if you’re having your kitchen remodeled.  We’re happy to help you set one up, if needed.

If we’re remodeling the only bathroom in your home, we will provide a portable jobsite toilet.  However, remember they don’t come with a shower!