Now that we have discussed how to select a contractor and you have made the decision to contact us for a bid, let’s discuss our recommended process to obtain a bid and go through the product selection process. What do we mean when we say product selections? For example: roofing material, type of siding, brand of window, plumbing and light fixtures, paint colors, floor coverings and countertops are all things you need to make decisions on so we can give you an accurate bid.

In order to obtain the most accurate bid from Bill Sweatman at Sweatman-Young, we suggest that you make a detailed list of your wishes and provide pictures from magazines, websites, etc. We also recommend shopping for products and provide Bill Sweatman with a list of your product selections and a timeline that you would like to start your project.

 Should the client make product selections prior to contacting Sweatman-Young for a bid?

Yes. The more details available before bidding, the more accurate the initial bid will be.

 How does the client know where to start when it comes to product selection?

We suggest you go to our website and click the preferred supplier tab for a list of our current vendors. Also, talk to family, friends and coworkers who have had projects similar to yours done and find out what products they’ve used and the pros and cons of those products.

Why don’t you recommend clients shop at the big box stores for their product selection?

Product quality varies from big box stores to our hand selected suppliers. If the products are purchased through Sweatman- Young, Inc. our 2-year warranty will cover the labor to repair or replace a defective product. Let us be clear, the manufacturer will cover the product but we will cover the labor for replacement within the first 2-years of initial installation.

 Who are the preferred suppliers on your website?

These suppliers have been hand selected by us and have a long term, proven track record for quality and standing behind their product and services.

 How does a vendor become a preferred supplier?

Our preferred suppliers are screened by our staff and proper paperwork is obtained (proof of insurance, etc.). Typically our preferred suppliers are referred to us by other reputable contractors or by the Master Builders Association.