We strive for transparency and open communication so that we know your expectations and so that you can understand what’s happening every step of the way during the bid process.

1.       What can I expect during our first appointment?

Owner Bill Sweatman will arrive on time.  He will provide you 2 client references to contact to ask questions about their experience working with Sweatman-Young, Inc.  He will look at the project area of your home and take your detailed wish list, product selection list (if you have one) and he’ll take measurements and make notes that will assist him in preparing the most accurate bid possible.

2.       How long will it take to receive the bid?

It typically takes about 2 weeks to gather the necessary information (i.e. subcontractor quotes and product pricing) to prepare a Scope of Work. Bill will typically make an appointment to meet in person to review it with you.  This document will provide you a detailed list of the proposed work that will be performed, the price, sales tax and total.  This is a preliminary estimate.  You may accept it as is or make changes as you desire.

3.       I have accepted the Scope of Work. Now what?

We will prepare a written Construction Agreement and present the Construction Agreement to you for review and signature.  At this time we will collect a construction deposit as detailed in the terms of the Construction Agreement and will establish an estimated start date for your project.

4.       What do I do if I decide to add to or delete work as described in the Construction Agreement?

Bring your changes to the attention of our Project Manager and we will provide a written Change Order detailing any changes for your review and signature.

5.       During the course of my project, will I be informed of the schedule of work?

Yes.  Our Project Manager will be keeping you informed of the schedule.  He will be available for any questions and concerns during the course of your project.  If you need to contact him for any reason we will be providing you his contact information prior to the start of your project.